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9/11, 16 Years Later

September 12, 2017   5:15 am

Yesterday marked 16 years since the al-Qaeda sucker-punch known as “9/11” reached our shores. We are now far enough out that, if you were to survey high school seniors, very few of them would be able to speak of memories of that day. In a way, that’s a good thing - even adults have trouble processing evil of that magnitude. In a way, though, that means that they’ve grown up with an ever-present threat of terrorism within our homeland; we have always been at war in the Middle East, and getting on an airplane has always been a tedious process.

As we observe this particular anniversary, we are a few days past the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall; we are watching Texas’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey last month; and we are watching Hurricane Irma thrash through Florida up into Georgia, having devastated several islands in the Caribbean on her way up. Katrina was blamed for 1,833 deaths, while Harvey currently stands at 70, and Irma is at 26. Of course, these numbers are adjusted when emergency workers are able to fully assess the aftermath; but both Harvey and Irma will have U.S. death tolls less than 10% of Katrina, despite Harvey bringing (unexpectedly) more water and Irma bringing way more wind. These lower death tolls are not just dumb luck. We have poured lots of resources into identifying the threats these hurricanes pose to our mainland and territories, and we can give warnings far further in advance than we could 12 years ago. We evacuate people in harm’s way, and we provide a strong law enforcement presence to protect the homes of those who evacuated.

What does that have to do with terrorism? The goal is the same - preservation of the lives of our citizens. To do that, we rely on intelligence to give us as much advanced warning as possible. We warn our citizens of danger, and we do our best to mitigate its effects. Unlike weather, we do have the capability to eliminate this threat before it makes landfall; however, like weather, sometimes unexpected shifts occur. In these intervening 16 years, we have had occasional attacks that have been carried out, but we’ve had others that have been thwarted before they could be. As this post-9/11 effort continues, approaching the 20-year mark, let’s continue to pray for those who are defending us. Pray for their success, for their safety, and for them to complete this mission honorably.

There is one other way in which terrorism and the 2017 hurricane season are similar. I think I speak for all of us when I say “No way, José…”

Killing the Americans Americans Won't Kill

August 14, 2007   11:29 am

My last immigration post linked to an article about stepped-up enforcement of illegal immigration. Two stories that have come out in the past week underscore the importance of this. The first is an illegal from Peru that killed several college students. He had been arrested twice before and his immigration status was known, yet he was released. The second is a drunk driver in Texas who slammed into a car so hard, the thing burst into flames and killed an entire family.

I don’t care how hard they work, and I don’t care how much businesses think they gain from exploiting these people. None of it is worth stuff like this.

Update #1 - Newt Gingrich goes in-depth on this in his “Winning the Future” column this week.

Let Are Kids Walk!

May 25, 2007   5:05 pm

There was a picket line Thursday in front of the Trimble Tech High School in Fort Worth, Texas. They were protesting the decision to not allow students who failed the state proficiency exam to participate in commencement activities.

The entire article is here, but the funniest part of this (to me) is the picture that accompanies the article. It’s preserved below, in case they decide to change it in the original article later.

A line of people are walking with protest signs; the one in the foreground says "Let Are Kids Walk"

(Hat tip - James Taranto of Best of the Web Today)