Abortion: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Passed

I received an interesting piece of mail the other day, and I thought I'd comment about it here. The mail was from AAA Women's Services (now known as Choices Chattanooga) in Chattanooga, TN. They were talking about a new clinic they've set up. The history of this organization is pretty impressive - they opened up across the street from the only walk-in abortion clinic in town, began ministering to hurting women in a way that most didn't expect, and over time, were able to raise enough money to buy out the clinic across the street. That clinic now houses the National Memorial for the Unborn, a site that allows the parents of aborted children a place to memorialize them.

But that brings me back to the new clinic, which is yet another very creative ministry that this organization has put together. For years, AAA's biggest tool in convincing mothers to keep their children has been the ultrasound - the numbers are in the 90% range of women who, once they see that precious life moving and breathing inside them, decide to keep their child alive. AAA has now opened this clinic in the downtown area, and offer not only “crisis pregnancy” counseling services, but prenatal care as well, along with more ultrasound equipment. In the first month of operation, 5 of the 6 women who came there seeking an abortion left with a changed mind.

As an aside, one great thing AAA does is that they don't abandon the mothers they help - they provide maternity clothes and baby clothes, can help with transportation to prenatal and well-baby checks, and are there to help train the new mothers or support them as they allow an adoptive family to love their child.

I've felt for years that abortion was wrong on all kinds of levels, and this belief was reinforced as I watched my two precious children grow in my wife. There's also a growing trend of young women who are keeping children rather than killing them. I heard one person say “you can't kill an entire generation of folks, and expect to have them grow up to be pro-choice.”

I'm wondering, though, if Roe v. Wade didn't miss the boat. 30 years or so ago when it was decided by the Supreme Court, there was nowhere near the body of medical research and history that we now have on the process. Moral obligations aside for the moment, consider the trauma to the woman's reproductive organs, the complications from these “routine procedures,” and the mental anguish many, many mothers of aborted children feel. Are abortions too dangerous to be performed?

Bringing morality back into the discussion - what about all we now know about “viability” and stages of development? Using technology we didn't have back then, we can see a heart beat begin before most women even know they're expecting. We can detect brain waves far earlier than anyone back in the early 1970's would have ever dreamed. If this is, in fact, a life (as those with common sense have been saying for years), is it right to allow the taking of this human life by another human?

Kathleen Parker wrote back in August about the two plaintiffs in the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion, and their attempts to get those decisions vacated. This article, along with the various links off the other sites I've linked here, should give you plenty of reading on how abortion hurts not only the unborn children, but the women who kill them as well; and that, given our new awareness of the medical facts, this barbaric practice should be banned altogether.

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