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Awesome Bumper Sticker VIII

August 15, 2013   2:52 am

Seen on the back of a Jeep as I drove home yesterday:

Paved Roads Are a Fine Example of Needless Government Spending

2012 Year in Review - The Funny

January 19, 2013   5:34 am

Dave Barry wrote, as only Dave Barry can, a review of the year we finished up a few weeks ago. (He did it a few weeks ago, too; the delay is my fault.) A sample, from January:

Abroad, an Iranian nuclear scientist is killed in a suspicious bomb blast. Responding to accusations that the United States was behind the killing, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declares “we had nothing to do with it,” adding that if any more Iranian nuclear scientists are killed, “we will have had nothing to do with that, either.”

2011 Year in Review - The Funny

January 5, 2012   9:00 am

Once again, Dave Barry has done a great job at summarizing our recently deceased year, and his humor is a lot funnier than mine. A sample…

The month’s biggest story is a tragedy in Tucson, where a man opens fire on a meet-and-greet being held by U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The accused shooter turns out to be a mentally unstable loner with a history of drug use; there is no evidence that his actions had anything to do with uncivil political rhetoric. So naturally the blame for the tragedy is immediately placed on: uncivil political rhetoric. This results in a nationwide spasm of civil political rhetoric lasting about two hours, after which everybody returns to uncivil political rhetoric, which has been the norm in the United States for two centuries.

Awesome Bumper Sticker V

September 7, 2009   10:04 pm

I saw this one sometime yesterday when I was out driving around town…

OBEY GRAVITY: It’s the Law

Teh Koolaid

May 11, 2009   7:12 pm

Found this over on IMAO

Barack Obama holding a glass with some drink in it, with the caption "Teh Koolaid - u wil drinks it"

Awesome Bumper Sticker IV / Morgan's Must-Read

February 24, 2009   1:29 pm

Morgan Freeberg over at House of Eratosthenes has put up an allegory as his latest “Memo for File” (82nd, for those of you keeping score at home), and it’s great. I can’t really think of a good way to tease it, but it’s excellent - go read it.

And, I saw this bumper sticker outside a building earlier today, and the more I thought about it, the more I chuckled.

Why are peace activists so violent?

Why indeed?

Dress Your Cat

December 18, 2008   12:02 am

I found this over on I Can Has Cheezburger?.

A cat wearing antlers, looking unhappy, captioned "Dress ur cat in gay apparel / fa la la la la la la la la / Put urself in mortal peril / fa la la la la la la la la"

Obama's Never Gonna Give You Up!

August 12, 2008   5:50 pm

This is absolutely hilarious…

Hat Tip: Cassy Fiano

Absolutely Hilarious

July 30, 2008   7:54 pm

This first video, via Little Green Footballs, is funny. Really, really funny. Those of you (like me) who have been using computers forever will really enjoy it. Slight language warning (PG-style) in effect.

The Font Conference

The second is a video rendition of something I read late last week called “He Ventured Forth to Bring Light to the World” by Gerard Brown of The Times of London. (Hat tip to Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - Language warning on that link)

Definitely Not

July 12, 2008   7:07 pm

Oh, this is fun!

A Barack Obama campaign poster with the phrase "Definitely Not Someone We Can Believe In"         A Barack Obama campaign poster with the caption "A Dearth of Experience We Can Believe In"

Hat Tip: Dr. Melissa Clouthier