About This Blog


The current version of this blog is 10. (What does that mean? See the history / change log below…)

Rules of the House

Since converting to a static site, there has not been commenting capability. I may bring that back, and if I do, these guidelines will once again apply. Until then, consider these rules that can't be broken!

This is my house. I pay for the hosting space, the domains, and spend my leisure time upgrading and tweaking this site. I don't think they're too awfully restrictive.

  • Keep Your Language Clean. While there may be topics discussed that would push a movie over the “G” rating, they will be discussed with non-offensive language.
  • Respect Is Required. With the topics posted here, discussion and debate can be expected. However, this must not degenerate into flame wars or disrespect. Even if someone posts something disrespecting me, let me take care of it. I'm a big boy - I can handle it.
  • Editorial Rights Are Reserved. I reserve the right to modify or remove posts and comments, in the course of enforcing the rules above. I will not change words around to alter the original intent of the post, but I will redact offensive language or completely remove disrespectful posts.

If you don't like these rules, then hop over to WordPress.com and sign up for your own free blog. I don't care what you do in your house.

History / Change Log

25 Dec 2019 (version 10) - The site tagline was changed, and the college football game picks from 2012-2014 were removed. I also added a JavaScript-based “Verse of the Day” block to the sidebar, similar to the one that I had written as a WordPress plugin several years back.

1 Sep 2017 (version 9.1) - The site was changed from being generated by Jekyll to Hexo.

4 Feb 2017 (version 9) - The site was changed to be statically generated, utilizing Jekyll. There is no back end!

7 Jun 2015 (version 8) - The site changed from Orchard to My WebLog (and to myWebLog after that), a custom built solution utilizing NodeJS (and then Nancy) for the front end with RethinkDB on the back end. The theme changed to a Bootstrap-based theme utilizing the Lumen BootSwatch customization.

8 Jun 2014 (version 7) - The back-end changed from WordPress to Orchard, and the theme changed from “Green Hope” to “Raptor.Ericka”.

1 Sep 2011 (version 6) - The back-end changed from BlogEngine.NET to WordPress, and the theme changed from “Mimetastic” to “Green Hope.”

1 Oct 2010 (version 5) - The back-end changed from WordPress to BlogEngine.NET.

12 Jan 2008 (version 4.1) - I changed the default theme from “NightLight Idea” to “Mimetastic,” a clean, single-column theme.

13 Oct 2007 (version 4) - The solo effort in authoring this blog was turned into a team effort. However, I remain a charter member of the VRWC… :) While not a technical upgrade of any sort, this does represent a significant change.

28 Sep 2007 (version 3.2) - After upgrading to WordPress 2.3, I began looking for a different theme. I found the “Nightlight Idea” theme, and customized it with my prior plug-ins. I deployed it, along with a theme switcher that allows users to change between the old and new themes, as well as the default and classic WordPress themes. I also relaxed the registration requirement for comments, as Akismet's spam protection had impressed me enough to trust it.

18 Jun 2007 (version 3.1) - After using WordPress for a year, I began to dig into the plug-ins that were available. I was particularly interested in a plug-in that would allow posts to be shared on Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. I also grabbed a few that identify commentors and their software.

1 Jun 2006 (version 3) - Version 2 had been better, but it still had a long way to go before it would be a viable blogging platform. Two years later, having still coded no new features, I noticed that my web host offered 1-click installation of WordPress, and I decided to give it a shot. I was hooked - it rocked! I was able to take my old posts and enter them through WordPress's interface, categorizing them and back-dating them so the original sequence was preserved. I launched version 3 as the first version of this blog to run on WordPress, bringing categories, search capability, comments, and RSS feeds (while deployed, no less).

13 Jul 2004 (version 2) - As I used version 1, I realized the limitations of this technique, and decided to try to write something myself; it would be a learning experience, and give me something better than what I had before. I launched version 2 as a new database-centric version, along with a style sheet upgrade.

4 Aug 2003 (version 1) - I created this blog as a place to post my views and opinions on a wide range of topics. It was static HTML, and did not allow commenting.