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2014 College Football - Weeks 12-14

December 9, 2014   9:51 pm

Thanksgiving and vacation conspired to keep me away from here. How did my teams finish their seasons?

11/15 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 50, Kentucky Wildcats 16 (W)
New Mexico Lobos 21, Utah State Aggies 28 (L)
#9 Auburn Tigers 7, #15 Georgia Bulldogs 34 (L)
#1 Mississippi State Bulldogs 20, #5 Team That Shall Not Be Named 25 (L)

11/22 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 21, #20 Missouri Tigers 29 (L)
Colorado State Rams 58, New Mexico Lobos 20 (W)
#14 Auburn Tigers 31, Samford Bulldogs 7 (W)
Western Carolina Catamounts 14, #1 Team That Shall Not Be Named 48 (L)

11/29 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 24, Vanderbilt Commodores 17 (W)
Colorado State Rams 24, Air Force Falcons 27 (L)
#15 Auburn Tigers 44, #1 Team That Shall Not Be Named 55 (L)
New Mexico Lobos 36, Wyoming Cowboys 30 (W)

These 3 Weeks: 5-7
Final: 30-26 (.536)

Above 500, but nowhere close to where I’d hoped. However, all three of my primary teams are going bowling, which is way better than last year, so I don’t know that I can complain. Tennessee will be taking on Iowa in the Taxslayer Bowl on January 2nd, Colorado State meets former Mountain West foe Utah in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl on December 20th, and #19 Auburn gets #18 Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl on New Year’s Day. (As if I needed another reason to crave cheese fries!)

See you next year!

2014 College Football - Week 7

October 13, 2014   9:28 pm

This past weekend was certainly an interesting one. I didn’t get to watch very much, though, so let’s jump straight to the scores.

10/11 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 45, Chattanooga Mocs 10 (W)
Colorado State Rams 31, Nevada Wolf Pack 24 (W)
#2 Auburn Tigers 23, #3 Mississippi State Bulldogs 38 (L)
Arkansas Razorbacks 13, #7 Team That Shall Not Be Named 14 (L)

This Week: 2-2
Cumulative: 17-11 (.607)

This upcoming weekend, Tennessee tries to become the first team this year to beat an SEC team from Mississippi as they visit #3 Ole Miss; Colorado State hosts Utah State for homecoming game; we go for our first alternate over our second as New Mexico goes to play Air Force; and we’ll look for Texas A&M to end their 2-game skid.

2014 College Football - Weeks 5 and 6

October 4, 2014   10:42 pm

I realized that, when I went to write up today’s games, that I hadn’t ever written up last week’s games. Hours later, I’m still steamed over the officiating in the Tennessee / Florida game. If you can block in the back, flagrantly hold, tackle a receiver so you can intercept the ball - you just might win. However, tempering my steam are the results of the other games on my slate. This was two tough weeks in a row for Tennessee.

9/27 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 32, #12 Georgia Bulldogs 35 (L)
Colorado State Rams 24, Boston College Eagles 21 (W)
#5 Auburn Tigers 45, Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 17 (W)
New Mexico Lobos 24, Fresno State Bulldogs 35 (L)

10/4 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 9, Florida Gators 10 (L)
Colorado State Rams 42, Tulsa Golden Hurricane 17 (W)
#5 Auburn Tigers 41, #15 LSU Tigers 17 (W)
#11 Ole Miss Rebels 23, #3 Team That Shall Not Be Named 17 (W)

These 2 Weeks: 5-3
Cumulative: 15-9 (.625)

Next weekend, Tennessee hosts Chattanooga, Colorado State visits Nevada, Auburn gets a crack at Mississippi State, and Arkansas hosts the former #3 team. The recap for next week will not be posted on Saturday, because Colorado State’s game is past my bedtime. :) See you next week!

2014 College Football - Week 0

August 22, 2014   10:47 pm

It’s back! 4 teams each week, looking for a winning record; last year, I went 23-33, for a .411 average. New this year, I will set a default line-up for fill-in teams for off weeks or conflicts. First alternate is the University of New Mexico Lobos, and second alternate is the Air Force Academy Falcons. When both of those are unavailable, I continue my willy-nilly picking of replacement teams. This year, the teams are:

  • The University of Tennessee Volunteers - Coming off a nice first-year effort, #Team118 is looking to add their bricks to the “brick by brick” rebuilding that Butch Jones began leading last year. The schedule is pretty tough this year; three opponents are in the preseason top-10, and six are in the top 25. Wins will certainly have to be earned. (September 20th: UNM over New Mexico State Aggies)
  • The Colorado State University Rams - Jim McElwain enters his third season as head coach on a high note, with a late-game victory in the New Mexico Bowl to end last year. However, CSU graduated a cadre of seniors who had played together for several years, and the second team is now the first team. While none of their opponents on the schedule are ranked in the top 25, their path to a bowl invitation will be an uphill journey. (September 20th: South Carolina Gamecocks over Vanderbilt Commodores)
  • The Auburn University Tigers - I’m switching the third team this year, bringing in the favorite team from the “in-law” side of my family. Gus Malzahn sets out to show that last year was not a fluke, and with the personnel he has returning, he has a good chance of showing just that. Ranked 6 in the preseason polls, they have six top 25 teams in their schedule, plus the #2 team in the Iron Bowl. Auburn could win its way to a rematch with Florida State, but they will have to do just that - win. (September 13th: AFA over Georgia State Panthers)
  • As per tradition, any team that can give Lame Kitten an (L). That team is a switch this year as well.
    • August 30 - West Virginia Mountaineers
    • September 6th - Florida Atlantic Owls
    • September 13th - Southern Miss Golden Eagles
    • September 20th - Florida Gators
    • September 27th - Off (UNM over Fresno State Bulldogs, played September 26th)
    • October 4th - Ole Miss Rebels
    • October 11th - Arkansas Razorbacks
    • October 18th - Texas A&M Aggies
    • October 25th - Team #1 (Troy Trojans over South Alabama Jaguars, played October 24th)
    • November 8th - LSU Tigers
    • November 15th - Mississippi State Bulldogs
    • November 22nd - Western Carolina Catamounts
    • November 29th - Team #3 (UNM over Wyoming Cowboys)

Let the games begin… next week!

2013 College Football - Weeks 12-14

December 8, 2013   5:36 pm

The regular season is now complete, so let’s see if the final 3 weeks got me to .400. Colorado State ended its regular season at 7-6, and becomes the lone bowl-eligible team of the three I follow here.

11/16 Results (3-1)
#10 South Carolina Gamecocks 19, Florida Gators 14 (W)
Colorado State Rams 66, New Mexico Lobos 42 (W)
#7 Auburn Tigers 43, #25 Georgia Bulldogs 38 (W)
#4 Stanford Cardinal 17, USC Trojans 20 (L)

11/23 Results (0-4)
Tennessee Volunteers 10, Vanderbilt Commodores 14 (L)
Colorado State Rams 0, Utah State Aggies 13 (L)
New Mexico Lobos 28, #15 Fresno State Bulldogs 69 (L)
Colorado Buffaloes 29, #23 USC Trojans 47 (L)

11/30 Results (3-1)
Tennessee Volunteers 27, Kentucky Wildcats 14 (W)
Colorado State Rams 58, Air Force Academy Falcons 13 (W)
New Mexico Lobos 17, Boise State Broncos 45 (L)
#22 UCLA Bruins 35, #23 USC Trojans 14 (W)

This Period: 6-6
Cumulative: 23-33 (.411)

The season isn’t over, but it’s all over now but the bowl-ing. I’ll probably change teams 3 and 4 up for next year. Teams who want to win, I’m now accepting donations to cheer for your rivals.

2013 College Football - Week 6

October 12, 2013   9:15 pm

I saw the second half of the Tennessee / Georgia game. Tennessee’s turnaround is definitely real. Meanwhile, the Lobos routed their in-state rivals, Air Force added 1 to an already-swollen L column, and Stanford squeaked by Washington.

10/5 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 31, #6 Georgia Bulldogs 34 (L)
Air Force Falcons 10, Navy Midshipmen 28 (L)
New Mexico Lobos 66, New Mexico State Aggies 17 (W)
#5 Stanford Cardinal 31, #15 Washington Huskies 28 (W)

This Week: 2-2
Cumulative: 10-14 (.417)

Tennessee has next week off before a run of 6 straight SEC games, the first two being against the current #13 and #1 teams. Colorado State will be back from their off week, opening their conference play against an underperforming San José State. On the other side, New Mexico gets a Mountain West test from Wyoming, one of the stronger teams in the MWC this year. Finally, we get our first indication of whether the problem was the players or the coach, as Arizona heads to Southern California. Week 7 should be a fun week!

College Football 2012 - Weeks 8 and 9

October 29, 2012   3:29 am

Thanks to busyness, I didn’t get week 8 done before week 9 had been played, so this is a combined post to catch me back up.

Week 8 was disappointing. While Tennessee didn’t keep it as close on the scoreboard as I thought they would, they did play #1 Alabama pretty well. Alabama was able to turn Tennessee mistakes into points, while the opposite was not true. I was also able to watch part of the New Mexico/Air Force game; I was impressed with the Lobos play. While they eventually lost, they looked strong despite losing some key players, and one of their running backs destroyed the single-game Mountain West record set by Colorado State’s Gartrell Johnson a few years ago. Bob Davie has done well with the players he inherited, and this season should work wonders for next year’s recruiting class. The hippies let me down (should have gone with Stanford again for the hold-my-nose Pac-12 matchup), but San Diego State won in dramatic fashion by going for 2 and making it in the first overtime against Nevada.

10/20 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 13, #1 Alabama Crimson Tide 44 (L)
San Diego State Aztecs 39, Nevada Wolf Pack 38 (W)
New Mexico Lobos 23, Air Force Falcons 28 (L)
Colorado Hippies 6, #10 Dishonest Wooden Horses 50 (L)

This Week: 1-3
Cumulative: 10-22

Week 9 - well, more disappointment. Tennessee continued their “just a few fewer points than you” strategy against #13 South Carolina, completing the 0-for-October sweep. I don’t think Dooley’s job is on the line - yet. However, if Tennessee drops either Kentucky or Vanderbilt in November, I don’t know that Tennessee’s fair-minded athletic director can save him from the fans. New Mexico jumped out to a nice lead on Fresno State, but the wheels seemed to come off in the second half. On the good side, though, Colorado State won over Hawaii thanks to a fourth-quarter surge (instead of a fourth-quarter collapse), and Arizona - Arizona - man, I love you guys right now. Awesome job!

10/27 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 35, #13 South Carolina Gamecocks 38 (L)
Colorado State Rams 42, Hawaii Warriors 27 (W)
New Mexico Lobos 32, Fresno State Bulldogs 49 (L)
Arizona Wildcats 39, #9 Dishonest Wooden Horses 36 (W)

This Week: 2-2
Cumulative: 12-24

So, we go into week 10 with a .333 record. Tennessee gets the Sun Belt’s Troy Trojans, and they are perfect this year in non-conference play. Colorado State plays their second 1-win team in a row (although they were also a 1-win team heading into this week), with a chance to put themselves clearly off the floor in the Mountain West. New Mexico, too, plays host to a 1-win team, as they look to pull within 1 win from bowl eligibility after three consecutive 1-10 seasons; did I mention what a great job Davie has put together in his first year? And, in the game I’m hoping to watch, Oregon has an opportunity to solidify its standing in both the Pac-12 and the national polls. This looks to be my best chance for a winning record since week 1.

College Football 2012 - Week 7

October 15, 2012   2:42 am

Once again, the Lobos save this from 0-4. They also have a winning record - something my picks overall will probably not see this year. I picked two rebuilding teams and one that should be rebuilt by now, but it seems the motto is “just enough points to come up short” this year. Instead of rebuilding, it’s turning into character building.

10/13 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 31, #19 Mississippi State Bulldogs 41 (L)
Colorado State Rams 14, San Diego State Aztecs 38 (L)
New Mexico Lobos 35, Hawaii Warriors 23 (W)
Washington Huskies 14, #11 Dishonest Wooden Horses 24 (L)

This Week: 1-3
Cumulative: 9-19

Tennessee faces the #1 team in the land next week. I predict Tennessee x, #1 Alabama x + (3 to 10). I’ve also realized a flaw with picking Air Force on Colorado State’s off week - they play New Mexico. In their place, with a tip of the cap to the Aztecs (4-3, 2-1 MWC) for their win this week, I’ll take them next week as they play Nevada (6-1, 3-0 MWC).

College Football 2012 - Week 6

October 10, 2012   12:50 am

This past weekend wasn’t the greatest, but after an 0-4 week 5, I’ll take whatever wins I can get! New Mexico tied their win total for the past three years - and that was the lone bright spot this week. Colorado State dropped their 2008 New Mexico Bowl rematch, Utah looked good early but stumbled late, and Auburn - I think my story about Auburn is that they felt sorry for Arkansas, since everyone else had been beating up on them so much. Yeah, that’s got to be it.

10/6 Results
Auburn Tigers 7, Arkansas Razorbacks 24 (L)
Colorado State Rams 7, Fresno State Bulldogs 28 (L)
New Mexico Lobos 35, Texas State Bobcats 14 (W)
Utah Utes 28, #13 Dishonest Wooden Horses 38 (L)

This Week: 1-3
Cumulative: 8-16

0.333 through the first week in October. Schedules typically get tougher in October - Tennessee’s next three weeks are against #19, #1, and #3. New Mexico gets Hawaii, currently tied for the bottom of the Mountain West, so maybe they can get a win there. Colorado State has Hawaii during October as well, though it’s probably going to take better than the 117th-ranked offense to beat anyone (c’mon, McElwain, offense is your thing!).

College Football 2012 - Week 5

September 30, 2012   8:17 pm

What a week. I was hoping for an upset, but not Stanford! Hopefully Washington can pull another one of those in 2 weeks. Tennessee and New Mexico both brought valiant efforts against top-25 teams, and Colorado State never could recover from their slow start in Colorado Springs.

9/29 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 44, #5 Georgia Bulldogs 51 (L)
Colorado State Rams 21, Air Force Falcons 42 (L)
New Mexico Lobos 29, #24 Boise State Broncos 32 (L)
#8 Stanford Cardinal 13, Washington Huskies 17 (L)

This Week: 0-4
Cumulative: 7-13

I sure do hope this is the last 0-4 weekend we have this year.