Thank You, CSU Fans

December 20, 2008   7:04 pm

The Colorado State University Rams were invited to play in the New Mexico Bowl this year agains the Fresno State University Bulldogs. They encouraged their fans to buy tickets and donate them for the military and their marching band, and 650 of those tickets went to Kirtland AFB, four of them finding their way to me.

The logo for the Colorado State University Rams; a green circle with a while line drawing of a ram's head facing the viewer

The game was great - Fresno State got the ball first, and marched down the field and scored. CSU did the same thing on their drive. It was pretty tight throughout the first three quarters, and both teams played great ball. However, in the fourth quarter, CSU broke it open, and Fresno State wasn’t able to come back. We were sitting near the 1 yard line, and had a great view of Gartrell Johnson’s touchdown run late in the game, which gave CSU what proved to be a game-winning margin.

So thank you, CSU fans, for allowing me to attend the New Mexico Bowl; you have a new fan in Albuquerque. And congratulations, 2008 New Mexico Bowl Champions!



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