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Black 'N Blue at Sipapu

For the past two winters, I've been learning and practicing my snow skiing skills. It's a fun sport. The first year, I recorded a few green runs on my BlackBerry, and last year, I recorded a few blue runs using my HTC Evo 4G Android phone. I attempted an easy black, but I kept messing up whenever I would try to record it!

This year, we went up to Sipapu, our favorite ski resort in northern New Mexico. The second day we were there, a storm blew through, dumping 3-4 inches on top of everything, including the already-groomed trails. I found myself skiing alone as the clouds broke, and decided to try shooting some tougher runs. The result was three “black-n-blue” runs. No, that's not what I looked like when I was done, it was the rating of the trails. :)

The first one is comprised of the two runs that go under lift #1, Gamble ♦ (“Upper Gamble” on some maps) and Lower Gamble ■. Toward the end of this one, my oldest son is the one in the lift chair passing me.

The second run is Rufous ■ and Paul's Folly ♦.

The third one is Flower ♦ and Salt Lick ■. This one seemed to be the most popular on Facebook. Flower is one of my favorite trails, so it's either that, or they liked the music better on this one.

There you have it; fun on the slopes! I hope to be able to record more on future trips.