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Awesome Bumper Sticker VII

May 6, 2012   11:15 pm

Spotted next to our car in the church parking lot today:

Except for ending slavery, fascism, Nazism, and communism,

(bonus points for the Oxford comma)

Awesome Bumper Sticker VI

August 14, 2010   5:49 pm

I spotted this one stopped at a light on base, as I was heading back to work from lunch.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the weaponry to make the difference.

Seeing this during the same week that marked the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki, I thought it apropos.

Awesome Bumper Sticker V

September 7, 2009   10:04 pm

I saw this one sometime yesterday when I was out driving around town…

OBEY GRAVITY: It’s the Law

Awesome Bumper Sticker IV / Morgan's Must-Read

February 24, 2009   1:29 pm

Morgan Freeberg over at House of Eratosthenes has put up an allegory as his latest “Memo for File” (82nd, for those of you keeping score at home), and it’s great. I can’t really think of a good way to tease it, but it’s excellent - go read it.

And, I saw this bumper sticker outside a building earlier today, and the more I thought about it, the more I chuckled.

Why are peace activists so violent?

Why indeed?

Awesome Bumper Sticker III

November 15, 2007   9:42 pm

I saw this tonight traveling to my Cub Scout meeting…

Hillary - Your village called; it wants its idiot back!


Awesome Bumper Sticker II

October 19, 2007   7:24 pm

I saw this in a parking lot yesterday, accompanied by the Marine Corps symbol…


Heh - maybe we could have a rally. Instead of Woodstock, New York, we’ll gather in Woodstock, Georgia. :) We could have some long-haired folk singer start singing “What the world… needs now… is war… this war… Our freedom is the thing… that al-Qaeda’s dyin’ for…” (my apologies to Jackie DeShannon)

Awesome Bumper Sticker

September 19, 2007   2:12 pm

Saw this today…

EITHER get behind our troops, or get in FRONT of them.

Just awesome! :)