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A New Fitness Blog

July 17, 2009   8:15 pm

I’ve been doing a big push to improve my fitness as of late. A friend pointed me to, where you can search for things to do in your area. One of the things that came with the membership on that site is a fitness blog. I’ve decided to use it to chronicle my fitness activities.

I’m hoping to have the posts appear here as well - kind of a self-aggregating thing, if you will. However, if they don’t, the URL for my fitness blog is

Welcome to My Blog

July 17, 2009   6:51 pm

Welcome to my new fitness blog. This will be a spot for me to record happenings in my continuing adventures in fitness.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with fitness - I enjoy the way I feel when my fitness level is up, but I don’t always feel motivated to keep myself in that shape. It’s had a negative affect on my career (I’m military), and I’ve decided that enough is enough. I recently got myself within the standards that my branch of the military has set, but I’m not going to stop there. My goal is to be able to pass their test any day they come to me and tell me that it’s time.

To keep myself motivated, I’m going to register for a 5K / 10K at least once per quarter - this will help me make sure that I always have a goal no more than 3 months away. I’ll be doing my first one before my birthday, which is September 14th.