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October 1, 2010   8:31 pm

After months of on-again, off-again work in my “spare time” (heh), I have converted this WordPress blog to BlogEngine.NET. I’ll have a post up at some point in the future, probably over on my tech blog, that goes over what I think are the technical advantages of this platform.

In the course of the conversion, I spruced up some of the standard-as-of-two-years-ago things on the site.

  • The ShareThis area at the bottom of each post now requires no navigation if you want to share content to Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, or via e-mail.
  • The theme switcher is gone, as this is the only theme I converted; the others will live fondly in our memory. (Maybe I’ll put screenshots on the “About This Blog” page.)
  • Comments will now show your Gravatar.
  • The “History Repeats Itself” and “Verse of the Day” items will only appear on the front page.

I’ve implemented redirection on all the old posts to their new URLs, so the internal links should be good; if you click something and get a 404 (“Page Not Found”), let me know. Also, I preserved the directory structure that WordPress used for images, so they should all be there. Finally, all comments have been migrated from the election of our current administration forward; the others will come along, but they are single comments on older posts; it won’t hurt them to take a break from the Internet.

One interesting side note - over the course of this conversion, I ended up writing some code that was accepted into the project. I’m not just a user, I’m a contributor! (Update: CodePlex is no more, so the link to my profile has been removed.)

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