Yet Another New Theme

It was about five months ago that I put the NightLight Idea theme out here, but I wasn't really crazy about it. I decided to look for a one-column theme, without a sidebar taking up space the whole way down the page. I found this one, a very minimalist theme, with nice background images, which I customized for use here. It is called “Mimetastic,” and it is now the default theme here for my blog. Since it's somewhat different, I thought I would take a minute to let you know where all the goodies are…

  • Archives, Categories, Daily Reads, and Search are now in drop-down menus on the top of the page.
  • Verse of the Day is now the first “entry” on the main page. It isn't shown on archive, category, or individual pages.
  • Theme Switcher, Spam Count, Standards, and I Support are located at the bottom of each page.
  • Feed Links and Blog Info are also in the footer of each page.
  • Log In and Register can be obtained by clicking the “Admin” link.

As I did with my previous theme switch, the NightLight Idea theme will remain in the theme switcher. So, if you prefer it (or the Pool theme before it), you can view the blog with those themes. They continue to be supported, so if anything looks funky with any of the themes, just let me know. (I don't do anything with the “WordPress” themes - they're shipped with the software, and I upgrade them whenever a new version comes out.)


UPDATE - 14 Jan 08: If you've ever used the theme switcher, you may not be seeing the new theme. Just click “Mimetastic” from the theme viewer to see it.

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