If Only...

March 15, 2008   6:02 pm

I know, the day after I post that I won’t be here, I find this (strong language warning) over at Rachel Lucas’s blog. This was simply too funny to not reblog.

This is a scene from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the faux-news show on Comedy Central. They took a patronizing look at the protesters in Berkeley, California, who are trying to shut down the Marine recruiting center. My favorite exchange comes starting at 3:12…

Code Pink Feather Boa’d Protester (CPFBP) - It is our responsibility, as the public, to shut this station down, to shut this recruiting station down.
Another Code Pink Protester - Code Pink stands for free speech.
CPFBP - It’s very important to protect free speech, and so we clearly have the right to be here.
Rob Riggle, Reporter - If only there was an organization that was sworn to defend that free speech!
CPFBP - Wouldn’t that be great?
Rob - That would be outstanding, right?

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