Happy Anniversary to the lady who, sixteen years ago, made me the luckiest man in the world. Whenever I think back to our wedding day, I smile, and not just because of the crazy things my friends did. (I still wonder if they ever got all that bird seed out of the carpet in that room…) We've shared lots of good times, and even seen the rare bad times bring us even closer as we walked through them together. I love you very, very much, and am looking forward to spending many more years at your side.

Michelle and her dad, standing on a bridge above a canal in Brugge, Belgium Hey, guess what, babe - our marriage is old enough to drive now!


(As I type this, it is my anniversary where my wife is, but not quite my anniversary where I am. This is a first for us, celebrating on two different continents. While I also hope this is our last year in this position, I am very grateful to God for allowing us to celebrate the last 16 May 11ths together. I'm also grateful to her Dad for giving her this opportunity to see a part of the world she hasn't seen before, and for raising his little girl into the wonderful woman she is today.)


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