On Men and Women

September 2, 2011   12:11 pm

Last week, Focus on the Family had a very rare 3-part series called “Thriving as a Modern-Day Woman.” Now, you may be thinking, why am I listening to a program on how to thrive as a woman? Well, the name of the episode is taken from the book Thriving as a Modern-Day Woman, written by Shaunti Feldhan and Robert Lewis. Robert Lewis is also the author of Raising a Modern-Day Knight, a book about raising sons; it draws parallels among the current time, the time of the knights, and the Bible. So, there’s the hook. :) If Robert Lewis is involved, I’ll listen.

The discussion was interesting, but as I was listening (as a non-woman), one thing became clear. Guys, we are the ones who can enable our wives to thrive. Women have a great ability to see what’s done, and what isn’t. If “what isn’t” falls under something we should have taken care of, but we aren’t doing it, she’s going to either nag us to do it, or she’ll just do it herself. Neither of these helps her focus on what she should be focusing on, nor is it very productive.

So, what things “should” she be focusing on? I love Dr. Juli Slattery’s hosting technique; invariably, she’ll ask the question, “Well, what does this look like?” The point is that this may be all over the map, depending on how the couples relate to one another. However, it is based on roles set forth in the Bible, on how both a husband and wife are on the same team, and are happiest when they are filling these God-given roles.

But, enough babbling from me about it - go listen for yourself; it’s an hour and a half well-spent. For bonus points, put this on your portable audio player and go walking while you listen!

Focus on the Family - “Thriving as a Modern-Day Woman” - (no longer available for download)

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