My Ideal Candidate

December 15, 2011   6:55 pm

As I type this, we’re fewer than 2 hours out from the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses kick off the official primary election season. The current Republican field is the largest it will be, and I am underwhelmed. There’s a recurring theme that “Any of these folks would be better than Obama.” I believe that statement to be true for each candidate in certain areas, but in others, I’m not so sure. A Republican who does not govern according to the conservative principles of their electorate only serves to leave the country worse off, disappoints their supporters, and damages the “brand” of conservatism. “Vote for me - I’m not the other guy” is not a strategy that generates passion and support.

I would think that, approaching 2012, finding a candidate who embodies all of the following principles would not be that hard to find. I want someone who:

  • realizes that the blessings we have in this country have come from God, and that biblical principles are powerful even when used by governments; but does not see government as a means to enact Christian living mandates on our free nation, attempting to do through government what only Christ can do in one’s heart
  • believes that free-market capitalism brings the most benefit to the largest number of people, but is not afraid to challenge those who use that system for their own illegal or unethical gain
  • values all human life equally and above all other, and values the family as the basic building block on which a stable society is built
  • believes in the rule of law, and as the chief law enforcement officer, does not pick and choose which laws to enforce, realizing that it is the duty of the the legislative and judicial branches to draft, alter, amend, or repeal law
  • is not quick to deploy the military forces in our nation’s defense, but is not hesitant to do so if the need arises, realizing our responsibility as the strongest nation on earth to defend ourselves, defend others, and remain that way
  • speaks clearly and articulately, and will use their position to not only advocate for positions they believe are right, but also educate our nation as to why those positions are right
  • sees the value of America as the “land of opportunity,” but also realizes that one cannot measure opportunity by measuring outcomes, as not every opportunity is seized or followed through
  • judges ideas on their merits, ignoring the motivation behind it, and does not repeat failed ideas believing that the outcome will be different merely because of the people who are trying this time
  • actually lives what they say they believe

One wouldn’t think that this would be so difficult to find. However, were I to go down this list and put a candidate’s name by each bullet point, I’d use each at least once, if not more often. The fact that I could put Obama’s name on all but the last gives me no joy; if the Democrat party had someone running who embodied these characteristics, I wouldn’t think twice about voting for them.

1:05 out now. Here’s your chance, GOP’ers. Convince me.

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