Results - 1st Annual Kirtland AFB Top 3 Fundraiser 5K - 33:25

June 7, 2010   9:14 pm

This run was exciting! I ended up with bib #76, and finished in 33:25, which is a 10:22/mile pace (the course was actually around 3.2 miles). This was a PR for me for distances greater than 3 miles. I actually passed and came in ahead of one of the NCO academy instructors. (I don’t think she was racing me, but I was racing her - heh)

Not sure what my next run will be. We’ll be out of town for the Cherry Garcia run, so it may be the Chunky Monkey. It’d be cool to do that a year after I did it the first time, and see how much faster I could get it done.

p.s. Sorry this this is a little delayed - I couldn’t get logged in to over the weekend. I figured Monday morning would fix the problem, and I wasn’t wrong. :)

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