Results - Dam to Dam Run 2009 - 1:13:27

I completed my second 10K this morning, running the inaugural Dam to Dam Run to benefit Brent's Place. Brent's Place is a set of apartments in Denver, Colorado, meticulously maintained to prevent infection, where families with children with severe medical conditions (cancer, transplants, etc.) can live together during important times in their life. I had never heard of them before signing up for the race, and hadn't really heard about them until the start of the race. It was nice to know that most of my registration fee goes to helping these folks do their great work.

On the performance side, I beat my Chunky Monkey (CM hereafter) time by 3:22. This was especially exciting because the CM course was pretty much flat, and this course was more like a cross-country course. I ran sub-12 minute miles at this distance for the first time. It wasn't an easy run, but I was exhilarated when I turned the corner towards the finish line and saw the clock.

Starbucks, Keva Juice, and Great Harvest Bread were three of the sponsors of the event. I felt better after this one than I did after CM, and the water, bread, 1/2 pint of chocolate milk, and bold coffee really hit the spot. Plus, during the awards ceremony, they picked some runners at random to give a door prize. When they called out 102, it took me a second to realize that was me! :) I got a pair of sport socks that are themed from Brent's Place - a picture of them is at the end of this post.

Up next, I'm still undecided. The next Athlete's Edge run is a trail run - not quite sure I'm ready for that, but not unsure either. We'll have to see how that goes.

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