Results - Chunky Monkey VI 2009 10K - 1:16:49

July 20, 2009   8:03 am

I have now finished my first 10K! It was quite warm, though a little wind and cloudcover made it not quite at hot as it could have been.

I had settled in to my place in the group, and then the 5K runners caught us. It wasn’t particularly pleasing to be passed by hundreds of people who weren’t even sweating yet! However, I told myself that my goal was to finish, and I did. I didn’t feel particularly excited or pumped when I crossed the finish line, which surprised me - this morning, though, I do feel much better about it.

My oldest 2 sons also did the Kids K - both of them ran the entire way. I was very proud of them.

My next race will probably be the Albuquerque Cross-Country Classic 3 on 16 Aug 09, assuming my wisdom tooth surgery recovery is as quick as they’ve said it should be.

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