30 Ignorant Opinions

I found this over at House of Eratosthenes, with the full title “Thirty Ignorant Opinions That Are Nevertheless Somehow Popular.” As Morgan is moving soon, making the preceding link dead (Edit: link fixed), I've reproduced the list here. The remainder of this post is the excerpt - I agree with 28 or 29 of them.

[These opinions] are the opinion equivalent of driving several miles down the highway with your blinker on.

30. Together, we can take on global warming and we can win. Save the planet. Together we can do this.

29. We've got to get some more money into the education system, because our children are worth it.

28. Seventy languages in use in a school district is a sign that it is a rich tapestry of diversity, and that is good for everybody.

27. Any statement that qualifies “tax cuts” as an expenditure, such as comparing the “Bush tax cuts” with real spending plans.

26. We're going to need a bigger stimulus.

25. The trouble with our justice system is that the people who decide the cases don't have enough empathy.

24. We've got to do something to help the unemployed, like taxing the snot out of the businesses that just might hire them.

23. It's going to take Barack Obama a long, long time to fix all this stuff, and He is trying His best.

22. If women were in charge of the world there wouldn't be any wars.

21. FOX News tells lots of lies, but I can't come up with any examples.

20. You know what we really need to change? If a guy has lots of sex he's a stud, if a woman does the same thing she's a slut. SO unfair!

19. Everything that needs inventing has been invented. Men, drop out of school, learn to rap and do your crunches.

18. We've got to change our policies because our (unnamed) allies in Europe don't like us.

17. I can't approve of Barack Obama's policies. But I still like Him personally, and that's what really matters.

16. We must all be forced to call gay people “married.” It's a civil rights issue. For them. Not for anyone else. Just for them.

15. We have to raise the tax rate on the rich, because that makes us all a better people.

14. The Earth is sure to be doomed if I use traditional sandwich baggies. But it's got a fighting chance if I use these ones that are 25% lighter.

13. Sarah Palin isn't a real woman; she's a Republican.

12. I know exactly what my thousand dollar car needs: Three thousand dollar rims.

11. If we drill, we won't see a single drop of oil for x years. Besides, adorable polar bears, penguins, pristine environment blah blah blah.

10. We should not have attacked Iraq because Iraq didn't attack us.

9. I wanna watch American Idol!

8. Hooters? Isn't that a strip bar or something?

7. The second amendment is out of date because all them founders couldn't have envisioned nukular weapons and what-not

6. Those illegal aliens are just trying to make a better life for their kids so we should coddle them all and make them citizens.

5. Vote for Obama! Hope! Change!

4. If your kid doesn't feel like paying attention it's a learning disability. Medicate him.

3. No one's going to be safe until we get rid of all these guns we have lying around.

2. Culottes and clamdiggers. That's what hip fashionable hot looking women should wear this summer. Who wants to see a gorgeous woman's bare thigh anyway.

1. Palin quit because of a scandal. Yup. After all that digging, months and months, the entire Fourth Estate...they left one hidden. Boy, do they feel foolish.

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