Understanding the Election Results

November 19, 2008   9:33 pm

This video floored me. I now understand the results of this past election. This is a series of interviews with people who voted for Obama. Most all of them thought that the Republicans were in charge of Congress leading up to the last election (it was the Democrats), they didn’t know which candidate said there were 57 states (most said Palin, but that was Obama) or which candidate said that Obama would be tested in the first six months (most were split between Palin and McCain, but that was Biden). Conversely, every one of them knew which candidate received $150k of clothing from their party (Palin), and nearly all of them said that Palin claimed she could see Russia from her house (that was an SNL parody).

My favorite person in this video is the lady with glasses in the purple sweater. I think she’s a future Republican. :) Anyway, without further ado, here’s the video - it’s around 10 minutes long (and worth every one).

Now, before you claim that these people cherry-picked the interviews, they also had Zogby conduct a poll, and the results were the same. At the link, you can see the summary, and download a PDF with the full results.

Hat Tip: Cassy Fiano

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