Your Prayers Are Still Working

I've received another update from Charles and Judith about their baby (previous updates here).

The baby was 24 weeks old on July 18, 2007. It has been seven weeks since the water broke. Only one baby in approximately 128 with PPROM will live this far. Because it has reached this age Judith and the baby went into the hospital on July 18. She has received two steroid shots that they hope will help the baby's lung tissue develop.

Today, July 19th we got another sonogram. The gestational age was 22 weeks and three days so as expected it is undersized. However there were some positive things. Since July 2nd the baby's weight has increased from 300 grams to 516 grams (1 lb. 20 oz.). There was some confusion in the initial report of the birth defect as to whether it was an omphalocele or whether it was gastroschisis. Gastroschisis is a bigger problem but fortunately they think it is omphalocele and also they think that the liver in not involved and in its normal position. That is still serious and life threatening.

The main threat now is the possible lack of lung development due to no amniotic fluid. No matter what the weight or other factors this one is the key. Unfortunately the lung tissue cannot be seen on the sonogram. There is only one way to tell if the baby has enough lung tissue to survive and that will be to test them out in the real world when the baby is delivered. Each day that there is a delay in the delivery of the baby increases its chances. So there is increased hope, increased chance of survival but make no mistake, at this point the percentages are not great. The baby is on the cusp or edge of being or becoming viable. This is more than could have been reasonably expected at the beginning, so all praise to God for His love and mercy toward us and thanks to all of you for your prayers and support.

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