Time to Pray

An acquaintance of mine and his wife, Charles and Judith Hottel, need a miracle. Below is his message…

Hi to all of you!

We were planning to tell all of you about Judith's pregnancy when the baby reached the 20th week, but events have overtaken us. Judith's water broke around 9:00 A.M. Tuesday, May 29th. At the latest sonogram the baby's heart was still beating. The baby is only 17 weeks old, far too young to survive if Judith goes into labor. There is nothing we or the medical people can do at this point, except of course we are hoping beyond hope, and praying for a miracle from God to save our precious baby. We would greatly appreciate any prays of support that you could give for our baby's miracle healing and for Judith and I to accept God's will.

This is very, very hard. Just two weeks ago today we got the cutest sonogram picture of the baby. She or he was lying curled up with the thumb pointing toward the mouth as though sucking. When we say the picture on the monitor we both exclaimed “Oh my God”! The baby had grown so much in just a few weeks. We are both trying very hard to keep our happy and joyous feelings associated with this picture.

Thank you for all of your prayers!

Charles Hottel

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