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2014 College Football - Week 7

October 13, 2014   9:28 pm

This past weekend was certainly an interesting one. I didn’t get to watch very much, though, so let’s jump straight to the scores.

10/11 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 45, Chattanooga Mocs 10 (W)
Colorado State Rams 31, Nevada Wolf Pack 24 (W)
#2 Auburn Tigers 23, #3 Mississippi State Bulldogs 38 (L)
Arkansas Razorbacks 13, #7 Team That Shall Not Be Named 14 (L)

This Week: 2-2
Cumulative: 17-11 (.607)

This upcoming weekend, Tennessee tries to become the first team this year to beat an SEC team from Mississippi as they visit #3 Ole Miss; Colorado State hosts Utah State for homecoming game; we go for our first alternate over our second as New Mexico goes to play Air Force; and we’ll look for Texas A&M to end their 2-game skid.

2013 College Football - Week 11

November 9, 2013   6:43 pm

After last week, any wins would be a win. This week, we got 2. Colorado State put one away in the 4th quarter, and is now 1 win away from bowl eligibility; nice job, Rams! New Mexico also got their first conference win by defeating Air Force in a Friday night game. Sadly, Tennessee was not able to handle #9 Auburn; there didn’t seem to be an aspect of the game where Auburn didn’t have the edge.

11/9 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 23, #9 Auburn Tigers 55 (L)
Colorado State Rams 38, Nevada Wolfpack 17 (W)
New Mexico Lobos 45, Air Force Falcons 37 (W)
California Golden Bears 28, USC Trojans 62 (L)

This Week: 2-2
Cumulative: 17-27 (.386)

I missed a second off week for Tennessee; while I would replace it with Auburn (vs. Georgia), I already have that game picked because Colorado State plays New Mexico. Stanford (vs. USC) is also already on the schedule as well, and Air Force is also off. So, all my standby picks are already used! I guess I’ll pick South Carolina over Florida. See you next week.

College Football 2012 - Weeks 8 and 9

October 29, 2012   3:29 am

Thanks to busyness, I didn’t get week 8 done before week 9 had been played, so this is a combined post to catch me back up.

Week 8 was disappointing. While Tennessee didn’t keep it as close on the scoreboard as I thought they would, they did play #1 Alabama pretty well. Alabama was able to turn Tennessee mistakes into points, while the opposite was not true. I was also able to watch part of the New Mexico/Air Force game; I was impressed with the Lobos play. While they eventually lost, they looked strong despite losing some key players, and one of their running backs destroyed the single-game Mountain West record set by Colorado State’s Gartrell Johnson a few years ago. Bob Davie has done well with the players he inherited, and this season should work wonders for next year’s recruiting class. The hippies let me down (should have gone with Stanford again for the hold-my-nose Pac-12 matchup), but San Diego State won in dramatic fashion by going for 2 and making it in the first overtime against Nevada.

10/20 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 13, #1 Alabama Crimson Tide 44 (L)
San Diego State Aztecs 39, Nevada Wolf Pack 38 (W)
New Mexico Lobos 23, Air Force Falcons 28 (L)
Colorado Hippies 6, #10 Dishonest Wooden Horses 50 (L)

This Week: 1-3
Cumulative: 10-22

Week 9 - well, more disappointment. Tennessee continued their “just a few fewer points than you” strategy against #13 South Carolina, completing the 0-for-October sweep. I don’t think Dooley’s job is on the line - yet. However, if Tennessee drops either Kentucky or Vanderbilt in November, I don’t know that Tennessee’s fair-minded athletic director can save him from the fans. New Mexico jumped out to a nice lead on Fresno State, but the wheels seemed to come off in the second half. On the good side, though, Colorado State won over Hawaii thanks to a fourth-quarter surge (instead of a fourth-quarter collapse), and Arizona - Arizona - man, I love you guys right now. Awesome job!

10/27 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 35, #13 South Carolina Gamecocks 38 (L)
Colorado State Rams 42, Hawaii Warriors 27 (W)
New Mexico Lobos 32, Fresno State Bulldogs 49 (L)
Arizona Wildcats 39, #9 Dishonest Wooden Horses 36 (W)

This Week: 2-2
Cumulative: 12-24

So, we go into week 10 with a .333 record. Tennessee gets the Sun Belt’s Troy Trojans, and they are perfect this year in non-conference play. Colorado State plays their second 1-win team in a row (although they were also a 1-win team heading into this week), with a chance to put themselves clearly off the floor in the Mountain West. New Mexico, too, plays host to a 1-win team, as they look to pull within 1 win from bowl eligibility after three consecutive 1-10 seasons; did I mention what a great job Davie has put together in his first year? And, in the game I’m hoping to watch, Oregon has an opportunity to solidify its standing in both the Pac-12 and the national polls. This looks to be my best chance for a winning record since week 1.

College Football 2012 - Week 7

October 15, 2012   2:42 am

Once again, the Lobos save this from 0-4. They also have a winning record - something my picks overall will probably not see this year. I picked two rebuilding teams and one that should be rebuilt by now, but it seems the motto is “just enough points to come up short” this year. Instead of rebuilding, it’s turning into character building.

10/13 Results
Tennessee Volunteers 31, #19 Mississippi State Bulldogs 41 (L)
Colorado State Rams 14, San Diego State Aztecs 38 (L)
New Mexico Lobos 35, Hawaii Warriors 23 (W)
Washington Huskies 14, #11 Dishonest Wooden Horses 24 (L)

This Week: 1-3
Cumulative: 9-19

Tennessee faces the #1 team in the land next week. I predict Tennessee x, #1 Alabama x + (3 to 10). I’ve also realized a flaw with picking Air Force on Colorado State’s off week - they play New Mexico. In their place, with a tip of the cap to the Aztecs (4-3, 2-1 MWC) for their win this week, I’ll take them next week as they play Nevada (6-1, 3-0 MWC).